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Develop successful autonomous vehicle technology with systems engineering technology


Develop successful autonomous vehicle technology with systems engineering technology

It is estimated that the autonomous vehicle market will be worth a staggering 7 trillion dollars by 2050. Unsurprisingly, OEMs are not the only ones racing to develop tomorrow’s fully automated vehicles; tech companies are vying for their piece of the pie, making competition fierce. To master the complexity of developing these next-generation vehicles, OEMs will require an integrated systems engineering approach. Siemens’ solutions for Autonomous Vehicle Development leverages model-based systems engineering to accelerate innovation, boost performance, and improve processes.

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Autonomous Vehicle Validation: Shift Left Before Building a Prototype

With product complexity expected to continue to rise, the cost of developing autonomous vehicles has the potential to skyrocket. Carmakers are working to produce new models faster than ever. When building physical prototypes, failures will send you right back to the drawing board and cause delay and additional costs, which is something you want to prevent if you want to stay on schedule. Virtual vehicle validation – using a digital twin of the vehicle – allows carmakers to spot errors early in the process and rectify them when it is cheaper and easier to do so.

This shift left in development offers a key competitive advantage to those that adopt it, reducing cycle times, guaranteeing performance, and accelerating innovation.

Furthermore, digital vehicle validation and verification help manufacturers move one step closer to developing vehicles with SAE level 5 full automation. The ability to carry out billions of miles of road testing virtually, simulating millions of potential scenarios, will be vital to getting fully autonomous vehicles on the road in a cost-effective, timely way.

Systems Engineering Tools for Autonomous Vehicle Development

A model-based systems engineering (MBSE) approach is essential to the development of autonomous transportation solutions. It provides a total systems engineering approach with multi-domain modeling to establish a cohesive view of how systems integrate and work together. A comprehensive digital thread offers a single source of truth to improve the flow of data across domains, enhance collaboration, and improve traceability from product definition to on-road performance.

As software becomes the primary source of vehicle innovation, model-based systems engineering is the digital approach that ensures carmakers can respond to market and technology changes with the speed and agility needed to stay on top in today’s global auto industry.

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