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Accelerate functionality-critical hardware and software development for autonomous vehicles


Accelerate functionality-critical hardware and software development for autonomous vehicles

Safety is definitely the key element that will enable public acceptance and, as a result, the rise of autonomous cars. The inherent complexity of those vehicles comes from the variety of data to analyze and the design of advanced controls and algorithms. As a consequence, managing the integration of sensor information and providing the appropriate answer instantly is crucial. Massive validation and verification have to be executed, and this strongly requires the implementation of a comprehensive simulation and testing framework that will make the 14.2 billion kilometers testing possible.

In this webinar, we’ll introduce our vision on the tools and methodologies required to deploy a streamlined sense-think-act hardware and software development and:

  • How to design, validate and integrate autonomous functionality-critical hardware and software in commercially-viable autonomous vehicles, and thus accelerate their introduction to market,
  • How to deploy a real-time “digital twin” framework for components design and system integration and validation as a bridge between virtual and physical worlds,
  • How to leverage cross-domain systems engineering & simulation from the early phases of product development to avoid costly changes in much later stages.

About the speaker: Puneet Sinha
Puneet Sinha is Automotive Manager for the Mechanical Analysis Division at Siemens PLM Software. Before joining Siemens, he worked at General Motors where he led global R&D teams to solve a wide range of issues with fuel cells and battery electric vehicles and at Saft, a Li-ion battery manufacturer. Puneet received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Pennsylvania State University, has authored more than 20 journal articles, and has been awarded 7 patents on fuel cell and battery system design and operational strategies.