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The next level of simulation-powered ADAS and autonomous driving development


The next level of simulation-powered ADAS and autonomous driving development

As the race for autonomous driving technology goes on, most of the automotive industry now focuses on SAE levels 2 and 3 developments. As technological complexity and ambitions grow in this domain, provisioning next-generation tools and methods becomes necessary for companies willing to remain in this race. The shift towards agile, continuous integration and larger verification cycles require new generative design, continuous simulation, and massive verification solutions. During this webinar, we will explain how to accelerate ADAS and autonomous driving development and verification using simulation.

Massive simulation for verification

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Overcome a simulation combinatorial explosion problem by using adaptive sampling, an AI-based test cases generation methods
  • Launch massive simulation in a reasonable amount of time by leveraging cloud computing
  • Analyze hundreds of thousands of results digestible thanks to flexile, higher abstraction result reporting
  • Strengthen system continuous integration with continuous virtual verification

Critical scenario generation and capitalization

The aggregation of Siemens’ technology and applicative engineering knowledge resulted in a systematic way to generate critical scenarios in a record time. We will present the benefits of accumulating, capitalizing and reusing these critical scenarios across teams, departments and projects to make the difference between solving an issue early and finding it too late.

Simulation for enlightened system definition

Discover how Simcenter Prescan360 supports the generative design approach by enabling the optimal selection of system components such as sensors, or optimal calibration of an ADAS feature for an efficient multi-attributes balancing.

Learn how to leverage solid exploration features and solve design optimization problems diligently, for instance, the ability to select a set of existing sensor variants before sourcing. An early and enlightened sensor set choice will prevent later costly rework.

Strengthening system continuous integration with continuous virtual verification

Verifying a next generation ADAS or Highly Automated Driving (HAD) feature implies overcoming a simulation combinatorial explosion problem.
Learn how our solutions allow to launch massive simulation scenarios in a reasonable amount of time, and deliver hundreds of thousands of results, digestible for a development team.