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Automotive Interiors: Transportation differentiation through a living room on wheels


Automotive Interiors: Transportation differentiation through a living room on wheels

Car companies of today are rapidly becoming the transportation service companies of tomorrow. Interiors will play a significant role; to a greater extent, transportation brand differentiation will on the interior rather than the exterior of the vehicle.

The Adient Innovation 2019 (AI-19) vehicle demonstrator is a great example of how automotive interiors are transforming to include amenities that we are more accustomed to seeing in our homes.

Delivering futuristic changes like this will challenge stylists and engineers alike. Let us show how Siemens solutions can be used to easily design and validate futuristic interior design concepts that satisfy your styling, producibility and costing goals.

Key learnings for this automotive interiors webinar:

  • Car companies are transforming, from making cars to providing a transportation service where brand differentiation will rely more and more on a unique, enjoyable in-cabin experience
  • The Adient Innovation 2019 (AI-19) is futuristic but also a fully functional vehicle interior designed for autonomous rideshare applications that feature integrated amenities, never seen before
  • As this futuristic in-cabin experience becomes a reality, engineering, styling, and costing tools are needed to quickly develop and validate new unique interior concepts from a styling, cost, engineering, and producibility standpoint.

Who would benefit from this automotive interiors webinar:

  • This automotive interiors webinar will interest anyone who wants to learn more about automotive interiors of the future, or works in an automotive role such as VP of engineering, Trim engineering manager, cost/purchasing manager, or trim manufacturing manager.


Meet the speakers

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Edward Bernardon

Vice President of Strategic Automotive Initiatives


John Gomez

Advanced Design Manager

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Marc Attar

Product Manager