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Protect connected cars from emerging cybersecurity threats


Protect connected cars from emerging cybersecurity threats

Modern vehicles are rightfully termed as ‘software on wheels.’ They are increasingly connected machines, with growing numbers of entry points and highly sophisticated internal networks controlling critical functions. Increased electric and electronic (E/E) and software complexity often invite a multi-fold increase in cyber-security incidents. Several researchers and white hat hackers have demonstrated security gaps that must be addressed before the deployment of automotive-grade embedded software. The discussions in this event will explore how to protect a vehicle’s critical functions from security threats.

Cybersecurity threats can be avoided with secure communication

Internet-based threats include packets with malicious connection states, contents or sources, denial of service (DoS) attacks, broadcast storms and packet flood conditions. That calls for a multilayered approach to ensure vehicle security as well as overall vehicle safety and reliability. We'll discuss practical design examples from in-production OEM flagship projects which contain a system-level framework for secure communications by integrating firewall into existing ECU systems. We will also discuss the role of authentication and encryption in secure communication and how digital certificates and PKI enable strong identities to support secure communication between vehicles and external systems.

In this webinar you will be learning more about

  • recent security vulnerabilities and threats for connected cars
  • efforts by governments to define cybersecure requirements for connected cars and legislate liabilities
  • the role of embedded firewalls, authentication, encryption and digital certificates in a multilayered vehicle security solution
  • security architectures for protecting both vehicle network entry points and in-vehicle networks

Who might be interested in watching

  • Automotive related product management and solution architects
  • Automotive product security engineers and managers
  • Product security officers, engineering managers and technology directors