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Accelerate automotive aftermarket product design and manufacturing

Estimated Watching Time: 40 minutes


Product development - automotive supply chain aftermarket

Designing and manufacturing more complex parts can be an attractive proposition for automotive supply chain and aftermarket companies due to rising consumer demand and the profitability of such parts. This transportation revolution also requires the automotive sector to achieve operational excellence while reacting to disruptive technologies and business models.

Automotive aftermarket and supply chain manufacturers need to:

  • have the flexibility to react to changing global demand
  • provide customized products tailored to a market’s needs
  • seize opportunities presented by new design and manufacturing techniques

Learn from the best

With 29 of the top 30 global vehicle manufacturers using Siemens software for product development, we're excited to share the latest techniques applied by Siemens customers. Watch the webinar to hear directly from an automotive supplier, as well as to learn best practices from our expert speaker.

Meet the speaker

Siemens Digital Industries Software

David Chadwick

Business Development Manager

Dave is focused on industry solutions from the Solid Edge portfolio. David has 30 years of application engineering, project management and marketing experience and has been involved in many successful PLM implementations in small and medium sized manufacturing organizations globally.

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