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Automate PCB thermal analysis to shorten development

Estimated Watching Time: 48 minutes


Image of the speaker who will discuss PCB thermal simulation and automation

Explore key drivers for faster turnaround time of PCB thermal analysis, from the complexity of modern multi-layer Printed Circuit Board (PCB) designs to the relentless pressure to reduce time-to-market. Typical CFD analysis workflow for PCB thermal simulation has common stages, such as EDA data import during pre-processing, where there are opportunities to apply automation to eliminate manual repeated tasks. This webinar focuses on how automation best practices using scripting, recorded macros, and Python coding can save you time. Learn how thermal engineers can apply automation to better respond to electronic engineering design teams who have multiple PCB design revisions that require thermal verification in the shortest time possible.

Topics that will be covered on automating PCB thermal analysis:

  • Common pre-processing, solve, and post-processing bottlenecks
  • Identifying automation opportunities in PCB thermal analysis
  • Efficient PCB data import and processing automation e.g. ODB++ files
  • Standardizing batch analysis, post-processing, and report generation
  • Intuitive automation setup with recorded macros and scripting
  • Leveraging the power of Python scripting in electronics cooling simulation
  • Example: Dynamic thermal simulation control for enhanced performance

Meet the speaker

Siemens Digital Industries Software

John Wilson

Electronics Product Specialist

John Wilson has over 20 years of electronics thermal design experience in simulation and testing. John has a BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Colorado at Denver and then joined Flomerics in 1999 which was acquired by Mentor Graphics and is now part of Siemens Digital Industries Software. John has managed more than 100+ electronics thermal design consulting projects ranging from component level, PCB, enclosure to system level across of a wide range of applications including consumer products, communications, industrial and automotive electronics.He has developed a practical, comprehensive knowledge of IC package thermal testing and analysis correlation through his work on thermal transient test technology in different applications. John’s experience also encompasses 11+ years of managing teams of engineers performing consulting thermal design projects and supporting clients using simulation and testing tools.

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