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Competitive advantage in manufacturing with APS?


Competitive advantage in manufacturing with APS?

Planning your manufacturing operation is not getting any simpler; customer expectation for greater variety & delivery flexibility, more complex supply chains and the ever present drive for resource utilisation to maximize throughput are the norms.

In the past commentators have widely agreed top performing manufacturing companies utilise Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) tools to plan their manufacturing operation. Is APS still a valid strategy?

What is your perspective?

  • I’m interested in what the analysts say?
  • We are looking at Digitalisation now - is APS part of this?
  • We do Lean – is APS compatible?
  • What do other organisations do to plan production?
  • We have some problems – could APS help?
    • Poor delivery performance
    • Too much Stock & Work in Progress
    • Difficult to understand capacity – how much & when to promise?
    • Poor synchronization of parts through manufacturing
    • Poor visibility of orders on the shop floor
    • Unable to react quickly to operational interruptions
  • APS is new to us and I would like to understand more about this and if we can benefit?

Join our Webinar for some insight into how APS can benefit your operation.

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