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Arm implements Neoverse big infrastructure design with Aprisa

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Arm implements Neoverse big infrastructure design with Aprisa

At the 2023 User2User symposium, customers shared their experience with Aprisa in the IC digital implementation track. In this presentation, Roma Rudra, Technical Director at Arm, presented "Arm Neoverse: The Next Wave in Digital Infrastructure” using Aprisa digital implementation.

Learn how Arm achieved excellent QoR with Aprisa

Arm silicon partners ship over 20 billion Arm-based chips annually, found in smartphones, computers, televisions, smart cars, wearable technology, and more recently, servers. A Compute Subsystem (CSS) aims to deploy systems built around Arm IPs for the infrastructure market targeting Enterprise, HPC, Cloud and Edge servers.


  • Aprisa addressed the challenges of traditional implementation mostly out-of-the-box
  • Minimal scripted user guidance on CTS despite the many generated clocks in the design
  • No placement regions or guides were needed in Aprisa
  • Quick turnaround time to reach timing closure even without prior knowledge of the design

In this presentation you will also learn how Aprisa can achieve excellent QoR with very little guidance from the users and without the many iterations traditionally needed to tune RC factors. Aprisa can keep those QoR results throughout the flow due to its tight correlation with signoff, giving confidence to the designers on what PPA can be achieved, very early in the flow.

To learn more about how Aprisa delivers complete functionality for top-level hierarchical design and block-level implementation for complex digital IC designs visit our web page.

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Roma Rudra

Technical director

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