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AI in Simcenter Simulation

Applications of machine learning for the simulation practitioner.

Estimated Watching Time: 50 minutes



With the massive uptake of artificial intelligence (AI) in recent years and its unthinkable popularity across such a wide breadth of industries, it's an exciting time for us in the digital world. From large language models that provide a novel way to work with our software and perform our work functions to powerful models that can capture physics and yield correlations in large volumes of data, among many more examples, it's clear the impact of machine learning on the computer aided engineering (CAE) space is substantial. As simulation and testing engineers, we find our landscape of tools are evolving as artificial intelligence ushers in another industrial revolution.

Here at Simcenter, we acknowledge the new while building (not discarding) from the past, as we separate fact from fiction and provide the most relevant and trusted machine learning based capabilities to society via our portfolio.

This webinar strives to provide a build-up for how machine learning can benefit the simulation community alongside some (of many) practical use cases and Simcenter. Register now!

Meet the speaker

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Justin Hodges

Senior AI/ML Technical Specialist (Product Management)

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