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From PDM to PLM – Design, quality and innovation tools that scale


From PDM to PLM – Design, quality and innovation tools that scale

Even if you have CAD data management today for your engineering work group, it may not be the best product data management (PDM) strategy to keep pace with your business. You may want to collaborate and share data internally across your company, even externally with customers and suppliers.

The best product data management (PDM) strategy is to bring together the design data of diverse applications and locations into a single, secure system, making it easy for everyone in your business to find and re-use data – both CAD and non-CAD users. Instead of wasting valuable engineering time looking for data, you can focus on re-use and optimization of existing designs to lower costs and deliver greater product innovation.

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Choose PDM that can grow to PLM with Teamcenter X

You may think you have to choose between PDM and PLM, but our approach is to provide a single software solution that can grow as your business needs grow. Teamcenter is an adaptable, modern product lifecycle management (PLM) software suite that can be delivered on-premise or as a service to transform the everyday.

You can choose from flexible deployment options (on-premise, cloud, SaaS) for fast time-to-value and lower cost of ownership. To get up and running quickly, Teamcenter X is a deployment option for Teamcenter that includes all the basic capabilities you need – from PDM to PLM. With Teamcenter X, you can be assured of all the immediate benefits of PDM, based on best practices and an instant-on cloud delivery. It’s the first step to take control of your product designs and data. Experience Teamcenter X for yourself by taking the Teamcenter X free, 30-day trial.

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PLM that Scales

Siemens Teamcenter X is the leading PLM solution that scales as you grow your business from small to medium (SMB) to an enterprise. Business! Siemens is going to be with you helping you manage and build that growth all the way!

Siemens Teamcenter X PLM is subscription based or SaaS and securely hosted on the cloud so all members of your team no matter their location or device can collaborate in real-time. We call that “instant on”.

Teamcenter X provides the tools to reach your current and future innovation and business objectives. Get started with the basics of PDM and grow to PLM.

  • Take control of product designs and documents
  • Streamline and automate processes, including design reviews and change
  • Unlock mechanical designs with CAD-neutral visualization
  • Deliver a bill of material (BOM) to stakeholders across the business
  • Maximize re-use and efficiency with secure access to all product-related data

Benefits of Cloud PLM – Benefits of SaaS PLM

Cloud PLM offers many advantages and benefits. To just list a few

  • Increased reliability
  • Scales easily
  • Lower costs
  • Global Access

According to Lifecycle Insights, “SaaS PLM Solutions provide quick access to address immediate needs and require little to no IT support. These solutions offer an accelerated path to the capabilities that today’s companies need.”

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Gain a competitive Edge - PLM Software for your Business

See how startups and companies of all sizes can leverage PLM as a competitive advantage. Classified Cycling is a startup in high-performing bicycle products that chose PLM in the cloud, operated by Siemens. Learn how Teamcenter X supports Classified Cycling’s mission to improve the ride experience with a unique and highly innovative shifting system.

“Managing our CAD designs efficiently in a single, proven PLM system, is our top priority with Teamcenter X. We also appreciate the ability to grow PLM when we’re ready.” Classified Cycling appreciates the easy access of PLM on the cloud for people working anytime, anywhere. “Secure cloud access to product data and processes is key to our business, ensuring collaboration, and helping our teams move quickly to innovate faster.”

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PLM for Manufacturing -- Tailored for Body-in-White and Assembly

With Teamcenter X Manufacturing, you can start fast to address your manufacturing needs across your digital enterprise. It ensures continuity of manufacturing information and knowledge reuse with key stakeholders within and outside your organization to support planning, design, and simulation processes.

The initial release of Teamcenter X Manufacturing supports a Body-in-White tailored solution that enables use of manufacturing applications such as Assembly Line Planner, Process Simulate, Fixture Planner, Line Designer, and Teamcenter Manufacturing. Additional industry tailored solutions are to follow.

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