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Future of sustainable aviation

Ask Siemens anything about digital twins for sustainable aviation

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A simulation showing a plane’s vorticity magnitude

Globally, aviation accounts for 4.9% of the CO2 and non-CO2 emissions. Industry is taking steps to reduce aircraft emissions and improve fuel efficiency in an effort to combat climate change but with twice as many air travelers expected by 2037, those efforts alone will not be enough.

It’s clear that bringing the aviation industry in line with UNFCCC and other sustainability goals will require commercial aircraft to transition to alternative energy sources such as biofuels and electric power. And this transition implies the complete redesign of multiple aircraft subsystems, up to and potentially including the airframe itself.

This webinar, hosted by OpenSystems Media, features an open question and answer session in which our Siemens aerospace experts field a variety of questions on the future of sustainable aviation and how digital twins are making it possible.

Development of climate-neutral aircraft

In moving from traditional to climate-neutral aviation, there are many challenges and risks that impact development processes. Our pioneers in carbon-free engineering answer questions about zero-carbon flight and discuss efforts in the development of climate-neutral aircraft. Topics discussed include new:

  • Propulsion systems
  • Energy vectors
  • Aircraft configurations

Watch this Q&A session now to learn more.

Aircraft propulsion systems: how to choose

See why a model-based systems engineering approach helps drive the right selection of aircraft propulsion. Our experts discuss the performance of various options and the benefits of systems simulation to make decisions and mitigate risks.

Hydrogen jet engine

The panel shares research and findings of detailed hydrogen jet engine design and how to achieve engineering confidence as part of their review of the topic before the Q&A session begins. From strategies for replicating a jet engine’s power density in green propulsion systems to analysis of clean energy sources and their implications on aircraft design, tune in to hear our climate-neutral aircraft technology experts answer questions about what will propel air travel into 2050 and beyond.

Meet the speakers

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Thierry Olbrechts

Director of Aerospace and Defense Industries Simcenter Solutions

Thierry Olbrechts graduated in 1993 from KU Leuven, Belgium. He joined Siemens in 1996. Since 2000, Thierry has been responsible for the Aerospace Simulation and Test business development, go-to-market and aerospace solutions strategies.

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Erik Munktell

Simcenter Solution Manager for Aircraft Engine

Erik has worked with gas turbines for 13 years in various R&D roles. Erik joined Siemens Digital Industries Software in 2018. Today, he is an industry consultant for turbomachinery within the simulation and test subsegment.

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Stéphane Mouvand

Aerospace Business Development Manager, Simcenter System Simulation

Stéphane joined Siemens in 2005 as a sales representative for major aerospace customers. Today, Stéphane leads aerospace and defense business development for Simcenter system simulation solutions.

OpenSystems Media

Brandon Lewis

Embedded Computing Design

Brandon is a tech journalist and electronics marketer with more than a decade of experience covering the embedded sector. In his current role as Editor-in-Chief of Embedded Computing Design, he guides the publication's content strategy, editorial direction, and community engagement in fields from IoT and 5G networking to embedded processors and operating systems to AI and machine

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