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Efficient aircraft certification

Avoid issues that delay aircraft certification.

Estimated Watching Time: 60 minutes


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According to Lifecycle Insights’ Verification Management in Aerospace and Defense study, 56% of programs experience significant disruption to the schedule or cost weekly or more frequently. Findings from the same study show that 42% reduce program investments due to delays in the aircraft certification schedule. Many accept this as a way of life in the industry, but some companies execute programs far more efficiently, avoiding disruption and delivering on time.

Watch this webinar with Aviation Week to learn how to avoid issues that delay aircraft certification.

Common issues that delay aircraft certification

Because aircraft are such complex products, there are a number of issues that can derail aircraft certification and cause delays and cost increases. These include disjointed data systems, design changes, barriers with virtual testing, and the cost of building and maintaining physical test assets. Each of these issues is discussed thoroughly in the webinar.

Speed up aircraft certification

One way to speed up aircraft certification is to unite all program data in a single source of truth. Watch the webinar to learn more about how a single source of truth can help manage risk and avoid the issues listed above.

Topics covered in the webinar include:

  • Causes of costly delays in achieving compliance
  • How design changes impact your program schedule
  • What you can do to minimize schedule disruptions and late changes
  • Tips for ensuring an efficient approach to aircraft testing, verification and validation

Meet the speakers

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Todd Tuthill

Vice President for A&D Strategy and Marketing

Todd Tuthill is the vice president of aerospace and defense strategy and marketing at Siemens Digital Industries Software. Todd joined Siemens in June 2022 after more than 30 years in the aerospace and defense industry. Todd’s engineering background is in systems design with functional engineering and program leadership roles and a strong vision for digital transformation. His aerospace leadership career spans McDonnell Douglas/Boeing, Moog, Raytheon and Siemens. His experience encompasses all aspects of A&D programs, including design, model-based systems engineering, software engineering, lean product development, supplier/partner management and program management. In his new role at Siemens, he is a passionate advocate for the advancement of digital transformation across the A&D industry.

Lifecycle Insights

Chad Jackson

Chief Analyst and CEO

As Chief Analyst, Chad Jackson leads Lifecycle Insights’ research and thought leadership programs, attends and speaks at industry events, and reviews emerging technology solutions. As CEO, Chad defines Lifecycle Insights’ vision and change initiatives.
Chad’s twenty-five-year career has focused on improving executives’ ability to reap value from technology-led initiatives. He has surveyed thousands of manufacturers, produced hundreds of research and thought leadership publications, and presented dozens of times domestically and internationally. He imparts an influential, independent, and insightful voice on the industry’s transition to smart, connected products.

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