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Improve supplier collaboration in aerospace and defense

Learn how to improve supplier collaboration in aerospace and defense

Estimated Watching Time: 56 minutes


Two workers perform maintenance on a plane in a hangar – one of many aerospace processes impacted by supply chain management.

Since 2014, major aerospace airframers and engine suppliers have been jointly working on preparing future requirements for improved supplier collaboration. Their focus is on how they share electronic data throughout the lifecycle and determine best practices based on industry standards. This presentation highlights these efforts and describes a future vision as shared in a recently published position paper. You will see how our digital thread provides a model-based evaluation and source selection, where the digital thread extends throughout the supply chain, completing data rights management and securing a supplier portal for all collaboration and exchange of data.

Aerospace supply chain challenges

Managing one supplier can be a challenge. The reality of managing hundreds of globally dispersed suppliers for multiple programs is a huge challenge. The level of complexity goes up exponentially with the number of suppliers that you have.

This webinar explores aerospace supply chain challenges such as high costs for maintenance and support, asynchronous exchange, data conversion errors and data size growth slowing the collaboration process. IP data protection, connectivity and optimization and leveraging best practices are also areas for improvement. It presents building blocks to address these aerospace supply chain challenges for the ability to design anywhere, build anywhere and maintain anywhere – all at any time.

See how digital solutions for supplier collaboration and management enable the transition to a better future state, providing support for:

  • Efficient processes for supplier source selection and collaboration,
  • Improved IP & Export control protection of exchanged data,
  • Insight into supplier progress for proactive management and
  • A disciplined approach to manage change with full understanding of its impact.

Supply chain management in aerospace industry

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn about several key takeaways for better supply chain management in the aerospace and defense industry. Find out how to move an organization from a high-failure current state with breakdowns in communication to a high-success future state with a fully integrated system where you can:

  • Apply an integrated and model-driven approach to supply chain management using the digital thread,
  • Automate interfaces between functional domains and suppliers,
  • Build the digital twin to link requirements to source selection and all contract deliverables,
  • Integrate supplier schedules, deliverables and production capacities for each program,
  • Exchange granular model-based data with the supply chain and
  • Protect data rights and intellectual property for exchanged data throughout the supply chain, anywhere in the world.

Meet the speakers

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Dale Tutt

Vice President, Industry Strategy

Dale leads industry strategy for Siemens. Prior to joining Siemens, Dale worked at The Spaceship Company, a sister company to Virgin Galactic, as the VP of Engineering and VP of Program Management, leading the development of spaceships for space tourism. He led the team on a successful flight to space in December 2018.

Previously, Dale worked at Textron Aviation / Cessna Aircraft in program and engineering leadership roles. As the chief engineer and program director of the Scorpion Jet program, he led a dynamic cross-functional team to design, build and fly the Scorpion Jet prototype from concept to first flight in 23 months. Dale also worked as an engineer at Bombardier - Learjet and General Dynamics Space System Division.


Dr. Ken Versprille

Executive Consultant

Dr. Ken Versprille has 40+ years of experience in the application of computer-based solutions for engineering and manufacturing enterprises. He joined CIMdata in 2011 after 16 years at the industry analyst firm, Collaborative Product Developments Associates (CPDA), formerly D.H. Brown Associates. Prior, he held numerous senior level technical and managerial positions during 15 years at Computervision Corporation. Dr. Versprille is recognized for publishing the first description of NURBS (Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines), the mathematical curve and surface formulation that has become an international standard in CAD and computer graphics.

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