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Guiding your aerospace electrical journey


An image of a commercial aircraft flying above the clouds straight towards the camera

Aerospace electrical/electronic (EE) design requires a delicate balance between innovative technology and uncompromising reliability. Meanwhile, the pressure to get products to market faster is growing exponentially. Finding ways to design electrical systems quickly, cost-effectively and efficiently has become a central focus of manufacturers.

Siemens has the solutions and partnerships to guide the development of best-in-class solutions to these problems. This session will highlight how Capital plays a part in these solutions.

Meet the speaker

Siemens IES

Chad Holley

Technical Product Manager

Chad Holley is a Technical Product Manager in IES supporting our Connectivity offerings. He has been working for Siemens for over 8 years and has supported many customers in their Capital deployments. Prior to Siemens, Chad has held varying positions in wiring and systems design in both the automotive and aerospace and defense industries. Chad is a veteran of the United States Navy as an electrician and holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Michigan State University.