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Digital transformation in aerospace manufacturing

Improve speed, quality and efficiencies in the manufacturing process

Estimated Watching Time: 65 minutes


A female and male colleague work together on a laptop using digital technologies to design an unmanned aerial vehicle

Digital transformation in aerospace helps industry stakeholders improve speed, quality and efficiency in the manufacturing process. This is important to prevent manufacturing issues as a result of design intent lost on the shop floor. Watch this webinar to find out how to prevent program fails and expensive fixes with digital transformation for aerospace manufacturing.

What is digital transformation in aerospace?

Digital transformation in aerospace is a process to move from disconnected or paper-driven processes to digital, data-driven and connected strategies for program development. A digital approach to aerospace and defense (A&D) development can help you to manage the ever-changing requests from customers, reduce overall program lifecycles and expedite time to market. It is also a critical step in the aviation industry to innovate expediently and efficiently to achieve ambitious targets for sustainability.

Digital twin role in aerospace digital transformation

The digital twin is at the heart of digital transformation in aerospace. It could be a twin of a product or in the case of this webinar of manufacturing. The digital twin gives you the ability to test concepts virtually to optimize designs better, avoiding costs and risks of physical testing. The manufacturing digital twin pulls in manufacturing data that can flow back to the design team to either optimize a current design or look at lessons learned for future designs.

Aerospace digital transformation future

This webinar addresses digital transformation for the future of aerospace. Watch to learn:

  • How intelligent technologies are enabling aerospace and defense customers to accelerate digital transformation of our manufacturing processes.
  • Why predicting operational issues helps drive continuous product and process improvement, achieving line speed and throughput targets.
  • Why you need to connect engineering with the shop floor.
  • Why access to actionable insights before physical commissioning helps you reduce downtime and increase efficiency.
  • How to leverage a digital twin to simulate and quickly adjust your engineering and manufacturing processes for future engineering and market changes.
  • Why increasing flexibility and visibility into your manufacturing environment helps you modernize your product development processes.

Meet the speakers

Northrop Grumman Corporation

Jimmy Calas

Director, Manufacturing Engineering

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Todd Tuthill

Vice President for A&D Strategy and Marketing

Todd Tuthill is the vice president of aerospace and defense strategy and marketing at Siemens Digital Industries Software. Todd joined Siemens in June 2022 after more than 30 years in the aerospace and defense industry. Todd’s engineering background is in systems design with functional engineering and program leadership roles and a strong vision for digital transformation. His aerospace leadership career spans McDonnell Douglas/Boeing, Moog, Raytheon and Siemens. His experience encompasses all aspects of A&D programs, including design, model-based systems engineering, software engineering, lean product development, supplier/partner management and program management. In his new role at Siemens, he is a passionate advocate for the advancement of digital transformation across the A&D industry.

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