On-Demand Webinar

Improving aerodynamics of Eclipse business jet with CFD and design optimization


In this webinar, we will present a recent success leveraging high-fidelity computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation in improving aerodynamic performance of the next generation of super light business jet. You will learn how a digital strategy can improve program performance while the joint team will discuss the complexity encountered in multi-objective design space exploration in improving mission aerodynamics.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Enhanced accuracy of CFD drag predictions
  • Aerodynamic design of the Eclipse business jet
  • Improving range and aerodynamic efficiency with CFD
  • Design exploration and optimization for aerodynamics

Meet our experts, who will discuss the challenges and methodology for aerodynamic design

  • Jason Borden, Senior Engineer, Aerodynamics and Performance, Kestrel Aircraft Company
  • Aaron Godfrey, Design Space Exploration Application Specialist, Siemens Digital Industries Software
  • Durrell Rittenberg, Director of Aerospace and Defense Simcenter STAR-CCM+, Siemens Digital Industries Software
  • Chris Nelson, Aerospace Application Specialist, Siemens Digital Industries Software

Who should attend?

  • Aircraft manufacturers
  • Engineers, researchers and academics
  • Aerospace professionals
  • Aerodynamicists