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Realizing aerodynamics innovations for electric vehicles


Realizing aerodynamics innovations for electric vehicles

The rise of electric vehicles has led to a new phenomenon and range anxiety appears to stand out as one of the most critical. Electric vehicles tend to have shorter drive range then conventional powertrain, and charging takes longer than filling up with gas. For vehicle speeds over 40MPH, wind resistance starts to play a major role as a cause for energy consumption. As a consequence, engineering vehicles with low drag can significantly extend the drive range for highway traffic.

This webinar focuses on achieving low drag vehicles using computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Our guest speaker Enric Aramburu from Applus+ IDIADA introduces the Cronuz project and their experience in using CFD simulation to create an EV compact SUV concept car with breakthrough aerodynamic solutions. The Cronuz includes active and passive aerodynamic enablers that focus on key areas such as the wheelhouses and underbody that, in combination with an optimized body design, provides an eye-popping drag coefficient of 0.19.

Our industry experts present how to use CFD simulation to explore design variants and their impact on aerodynamics performance, and how it accelerates the design cycle to meet or beat the design requirements.