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Advanced vehicle network design: challenges and solutions to timely delivery


Advanced vehicle network design: challenges and solutions to timely delivery

The electrical and electronic (E/E) architectures of today’s sophisticated and highly connected on and off-highway vehicles are continuing to grow in complexity. Key interdependent design objectives need to be addressed, and development teams must consider technologies that can be used to reduce time and risk in resolving these core issues. Once the E/E architecture is defined, a detailed design of the networks takes place ensuring that all signal data is available to functions across the vehicle. This webinar focuses on several of the challenges faced by the network architects and designers, and steps they can take to manage these multiple system considerations to best tackle the complex design process.

What you will learn in this webinar:

  • What the increase in complexity and sophistication of on and off-highway vehicles means to network architects and designers
  • How the continued rise in data on vehicle networks is driving the usage of higher baud rate networks and ‘new to automotive’ technologies, such as Ethernet, is mixing with traditional automotive networks such as CAN, LIN, and so on
  • Why the challenges of developing these complex distributed systems sharing common networks and ECU’s requires careful consideration of the interactions between performance, safety, and security optimizations in network design
  • How the use of a modern model-based network design solution can simplify and accelerate the design and implementation of vehicle communication networks, which are correct-by-design reducing design iterations

Who can benefit from this presentation

  • Engineering Managers
  • E/E Architects
  • Networks Architects/Designers/Engineers
  • Systems Engineers