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Advanced Technologies in PCB Design

Ensuring success with Manufacturing Driven Design

Estimated Watching Time: 31 minutes


Manufacturing Driven Design and advanced technology within PCB Design
Manufacturing Driven Design and advanced technology within PCB Design

As specs call for thinner boards, higher speeds, and greater densities, successfully fabricating and assembling PCBs to include modern advanced technologies can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Typical design processes often result in much higher manufacturing costs. Additional fabrication steps necessary for complex build-up layers, or backdrilling add to the over-all fabrication costs, while smaller traces and tighter spacing result in significant material waste from the greatly reduced yield as the complex boards are manufactured.

Building a modern PCB typically involves a focus on miniaturization, signal integrity, design flexibility and overall cost reduction. This webinar focuses on how advanced technologies are seen by a manufacturer and is intended to help the PCB designer leverage Siemens Manufacturing Driven Design to ensure greater reliability and overall manufacturability.

This webinar covers

  • HDI
  • Microvia
  • Rigid Flex
  • Buildup Layers
  • Backdrill
  • Component Miniaturization

Meet the speaker


Don Kost

Technical Marketing Engineer

Don Kost joined Siemens in 2019 as a Technical Marketing Engineer. In his current role, Mr. Kost works as a liaison between Siemens AE's and Siemens customers to support, educate and improve their experience with the Valor NPI tools. Mr. Kost has had a long standing career in the PCB industry and offers extensive experience in the design and delivery of high speed rigid and flex printed circuit boards as well CAD tool administration and has more than 30 years of Design for Manufacturing experience.. Mr. Kost began his career in the PCB industry at IBM as a Design Engineer after attending Villanova University and has also held positions as a Level 4 PCB Designer and CAD tools Administrator for L3Harris and Radisys.

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