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The use of advanced simulation in the design of the Xe-100 Advanced Reactor Power Plant

Estimated Watching Time: 62 minutes


Simulation for nuclear power

The Xe-100 is a 200MWt Advanced Pebble Bed Reactor that will be deployed in Washington State in the 2028 timeframe with the support of the US DOE Advanced Reactor Demonstration Program. The Xe-100 has been designed and optimized throughout it’s design lifecycle using STAR-CCM+ as the primary thermo dynamics analysis tool. This webinar will provide an overview of how early simulation of the design has informed the design team to enable optimization of the design and various system components to meet economic goals and safety requirements.

Attendees will learn:

  • What is the Xe-100 advanced reactor
  • How STAR-CCM+ has been used to design and optimize the Xe-100 reactor and powerplant systems
  • The benefits of design by analysis

Meet the speakers

POWER Magazine

Aaron Larson

Executive Editor, Moderator

Xe-100 Commercial Reactor Development

Dr. Martin van Staden

Vice President Design / Xe-100 Program Manager

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