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Factory Twin: Advanced Production Analytics and Optimization

Estimated Watching Time: 38 minutes


Improve production yields while driving down costs

Production bottlenecks cause throughput to suffer for many reasons. Sometimes due to a lack of visibility into the production process and sometimes due to asset performance issues just to name a few - making it hard to identify production constraints in an easy, fast and effective way. Another reason is that companies often use production simulation models with generic values that do not reflect how things behave in the physical world leading to inaccurate simulations that further complicate troubleshooting.

In this webinar we will look at how to use IoT & production data combined with plant simulation to

  • Better understand the asset performance
  • Identify faster underperforming machines and
  • Boost the production output
  • You can’t see the future, but you can actively work to make it better.

    Join our webcast, in which we will explore best practices for:

    • Using a single IoT platform that brings together data from an unlimited number of sources, supported by hundreds of applications
    • Gathering and processing data from connected machines, equipment, and devices in near real-time
    • Combining those data with plant simulation to do production replays, bottleneck, and what-if analysis to locate production bottlenecks faster and improve productivity at the machine level

    Meet the speakers

    Siemens Digital Industries Software

    Peter Beran

    IIoT Digitalization Specialist

    Peter has been working in Siemens Digital Industries Software since 2017 as a specialist in Industry 4.0. He advises on value creation with the Industrial IoT, generating insight from machine time-series data and helping companies digitally transform their business.

    Siemens Digital Industries Software

    Guido Braida

    EMEA Tecnomatix Portfolio Developer

    Guido is a Tecnomatix portfolio developer. Based in Turin, he has responsibility for the Europe, Middle East and Africa region, helping local teams to develop opportunities for digital manufacturing and closed-loop production digitalization. Guido is an economics and business administrationgraduate, with a technical background in the automotive industry.

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