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CFD modeling and design optimization for fast boat design

Estimated Watching Time: 46 minutes


A fast boat design being tested via simulation, examining hull resistance and wake effects

In this webinar learn how to go beyond calm-water resistance curves with advanced marine simulation tools. Increase your design accuracy by running time-dependent, detailed CFD simulations of maneuvering and seakeeping. Learn how to make full use of advanced marine simulation in your fast boat designs.

Learn how advanced marine simulation helps you investigate fast boat performance

This webinar covers topics including:

  • Calculating performance characteristics such as marine resistance calculations, speed prediction, and dynamic sink and trim calculations using Simcenter STAR-CCM+
  • Advanced marine simulation via parametrized models to predict planing hull performance in waves
  • Improving marine maneuverability by incorporating a dynamic propulsion model with Simcenter Amesim
  • How cloud-based solutions speed up simulations and enable automated design optimization

Use design optimization to rapidly meet performance targets

Improving boat performance requires an integrated design approach, looking at the combined effect of changes in hull design, propulsion systems, and engine performance. Our automated design optimization tools enable rapid investigation of multiple hull shapes, based on defined outcome requirements such as resistance, top speed, and wake shaping. Tight integration between parametrized CAD and CFD simulations make this process easy to run automatically, via Design Manager. This approach increases the range of designs you can investigate, leading to efficient ship designs. By running on the cloud you can get results rapidly, with short simulation times. Learn more in the recording.

Hear from our expert speaker on the latest developments in simulation for efficient ship design

Presented by Miles Wheeler of Siemens Digital Industries Software, this webinar demonstrates today’s state of the art in fast boats design, using the advanced marine simulation tools available in Simcenter STAR-CCM+.

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