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Testing advanced cabin thermal management strategies


Testing advanced cabin thermal management strategies

The global trend towards electrified vehicles brings new complex challenges, might it be in terms of performance, battery safety and lifetime or range. The latest is a key factor for mass adoption of electric vehicles, but this should not be at the expense of passenger comfort.

Simulating in-cabin conditions with differentiated zones is a cost-effective alternative to climatic chamber tests. Such simulation allows engineers to assess the impact of design choices on comfort and range rapidly, and develop advanced cabin thermal management strategies even before final CAD is available.

In this webinar, we demonstrate the use of embedded-CFD for in-cabin condition prediction, allowing you to integrate a detailed cabin model into your system simulation environment. This enables you to increase the fidelity of your vehicle thermal management models to assess HVAC system power consumption and its impact on vehicle range. Furthermore, we will illustrate how you can study smart cabin thermal management strategies.

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