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Introduction to the fundamentals of acoustic engineering


Introduction to the fundamentals of acoustic engineering

Understanding the fundamental behaviors of a system and its components is key when designing today’s competitive products or when troubleshooting unexpected issues.

A process called functional performance engineering is used to relate the product’s attributes to these fundamental behaviors during the product development phase.

This presentation gives you an introduction to the theory of the fundamentals of acoustics, considered in the context of functional performance engineering. Basic concepts like frequencies and wavelengths of sound waves and the sensitivity of the human hearing are explained, as well as the decibel scale, octaves and the meaning of acoustical weighting and different acoustical environments.

The presentation is designed for anyone who wants to learn about the basic theory behind acoustics in order to more effectively resolve noise issues.

Get familiar with following topics :

  • What is sound?
  • What is the human auditory range
  • The decibel scale
  • Octaves
  • Acoustical weighting
  • Acoustical field