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Achieve a digital transformation in automotive quality management

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Improve quality and ensure compliance in automotive manufacturing with quality management software

Automotive manufacturers and suppliers must transform their product design, development, and manufacturing approaches by implementing digitalization to stay competitive in this fast-changing market. By supporting a comprehensive digital twin, Siemens solutions extend the conventional quality cycle to engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain.

Watch this webinar to learn how leading automotive companies streamline quality across different domains using software solutions that help transform automotive quality management.

Use a digital approach in automotive quality management

Siemens enables automotive companies to use a digital approach in the quality management of these capabilities with a broad portfolio tailored to industry needs. Watch this webinar to explore:

  • The benefits of connecting quality processes across the value chain
  • Why your digital transformation strategy must consider a CLQ model
  • Steps to boost quality processes and make them an integral part of digital transformation

Improve quality and ensure compliance with quality management software

Global events have exposed the many vulnerabilities of the manufacturing enterprise, and the supply chain has emerged as among the most susceptible. Automotive manufacturers and suppliers must approach quality with a new mindset by applying quality management best practices across the entire product lifecycle. In this webinar, learn how digital tools for closed-loop quality (CLQ) can benefit automotive companies seeking to improve quality and ensure compliance.

Learn how Dana Corporation uses Siemens Quality Management Software

Siemens Quality Management Solutions will help customers bridge gaps between roles and work products, improving collaboration. Brian Sniegocki, Senior Business Analyst at Dana Corporation, will present how collaboration enables closed-loop manufacturing by integrating FMEA with CAD models with quality reports across a product's lifecycle from inception through operations. He will discuss how a broader quality management framework with effective data governance enables collaboration between various roles during each phase: planning, execution, manufacturing, and service.

Meet the speaker

Dana Corporation

Brian Sniegocki

Senior Business Analyst

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