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Accelerate electronic systems design with thermally aware electrical simulation

Estimated Watching Time: 57 minutes


Two screens showing BCI-ROM used in circuit simulation to enhance electrothermal transient analysis to predict junction temperature variation

Electrical and thermal design of electronics systems are often siloed between different teams with little interaction. Collaborative designs require time and effort to coordinate and iterate if the initial designs prove inadequate. Design and simulation tools used by development teams may not prioritize the mutual exchange of information and data.

Circuit designers usually assume constant temperatures for heat-generating components in their circuits. Similarly, thermal designers assume constant thermal power dissipations based on the estimated currents and voltages in the system. However, the current and voltage drop in any system are affected by temperature and vice versa.

Teams need to perform electro-thermal simulations using accurate and validated thermal models of the components

Join this webinar to learn how ROHM Co. Ltd. of Japan, a leading provider of semiconductor components, enables their customers to reduce costly re-spins and increase productivity through electro-thermal simulation of their designs.

You will learn:

  • What Reduced Order Models (ROMs) are and how can you use them in your circuit simulation
  • How Simcenter Flotherm's BCI-ROM models enable rapid electro-thermal simulations
  • How system architects can quickly assess the electrical and thermal performances of their designs using the ROHM solution simulator
  • About case studies that illustrate the benefits of simulator usage

Meet the speakers

ROHM Co. Ltd.

Ippei Yasutake

Group Assistant Manager of Solutions Engineering

Ippei Yasutake is the Group Assistant Manager of Solutions Engineering at ROHM Co. Ltd. His main areas of responsibility include thermal and electromagnetic design along with simulations. These are used to develop solutions for his customers’ design and development problems. He is the project leader of the team which developed the ROHM Solution Simulator. He and his team are committed to assisting ROHM’s customers to frontload their designs, ultimately helping them to reduce design and development time and costs.

Siemens DISW

Hon Wong

Business Development Manager for the Electronics and Semiconductor Industry in the Fluid and Thermal domain

Hon Wong is the Business Development Manager for the Electronics and Semiconductor Industry in the Fluid and Thermal domain for Siemens Digital Industries Software. He is based in Singapore and is focused in the area of semiconductor devices and packaging and works with software and hardware product management teams as well as sales teams globally to meet customers’ requirements.

Hon has over two decades of experience of using thermal simulation tools such as Simcenter Flotherm, Simcenter Flovent and Simcenter FLOEFD for a myriad of flow and thermal related problems. He is also experienced in the Energy, Building and Process industries, etc. using CFD solutions. He was previously with BHR Group, Flomerics, Vestas and Mentor Graphics. He received his Bachelor of Engineering degree from the University of London and holds a PhD. from Cranfield University.

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Mike Donnelly

Principal Engineer

Mike has been with Siemens for 22 years. He is a Principal Engineer working with the PartQuest-Explore Development Team. He is engaged in modeling and simulation of Analog, Mixed-Signal and Multi-Discipline Systems, covering a broad range of applications, including Power, Controls and Mechatronics. He has over 40 years of experience in Aerospace, Automotive and General Systems Engineering, focusing on simulation-based design exploration and analysis, from concept through detailed implementation levels. Mike holds a MSEE in Systems and Control from the University of Southern California, and a BSEE from the University of Cincinnati.