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Accelerating embedded software development in the automotive industry

Enabling embedded software development with the right verification tools

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Image of a car that contains an ECU with embedded automotive software driving on a blue background.

Automotive embedded software development is becoming increasingly vital for developing next-generation vehicles as McKinsey predicts software will account for 30% of total vehicle content by 2030. And while accelerated development will be necessary to keep up with the rapidly evolving industry, software verification must enable it to ensure high quality and adherence to industry safety and security standards.

In this on-demand webinar, discover top-of-class embedded software development tools that simultaneously help customers achieve these aims while accelerating virtual verification and deployment of ECU software.

Supporting embedded software development with MBSE and E/E data management solutions

Innovative E/E features in next-generation vehicle development replace mechanical components with by-wire controls, creating complexity challenges in development. Automotive manufacturers and suppliers need to rethink vehicle development using a model-based systems engineering (MBSE) approach, as this complexity will only accelerate the longer it goes unaddressed. An MBSE approach combined with Siemens E/E data management system solution enables the traceability, change, and configuration management that customers demand.

Driving the full embedded software flow with ECU validation and verification

As electronic control unit (ECU) development becomes more distributed and complex, it will require a solution that drives a full embedded software flow through to ECU software. Capital is a data-centric solution that provides high automation, data coherency, and integration with adjacent domains, such as mechanical design. It enables a software architecture-driven flow leveraging software 'contracts' to ensure network design is integrated into the development process and accelerates AUTOSAR-based virtual verification and ECU software deployment.

Watch the on-demand webinar now to discover why advanced, integrated E/E systems development tools are required today to deliver tomorrow's advanced automotive products.

Meet the speaker

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Armin Lichtblau

Product Management Director, Embedded / AUTOSAR

Armin Lichtblau holds the Director position as IES as Embedded Domain Leader, which focuses on solutions for the fast-growing AUTOSAR market.

Armin has 30 years of experience in the semiconductor and embedded business. In addition to working at Mentor, he delivered strategic new product definition and market placement at Qualcomm, IAR Systems, and Texas Instruments. His primary focus has been Automotive (including infotainment, safety & body electronics, and E-car systems), but he also has experience in the Telecommunications and Industrial industries.

He holds an Engineering Degree in Microelectronics and an MBA from SMU in Dallas.

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