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A model-based system engineering approach to advanced semiconductor package design

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A system engineering approach to advanced semiconductor package design

Semiconductor companies are looking at new, system-level approaches as continued efforts to keep up with Moore’s law increase price and design complexity. At the same time, the demand for computational power and the widespread applications of edge computing creates enormous pressure on the industry. All the while, semiconductor companies must not increase product time to market, give up on profit margins, or sacrifice quality. This leads to advanced packaging being more critical than ever, and we are seeing packaging complexity increase exponentially with 2.5D/3D designs. So, just like the aerospace companies before them, the semiconductor industry must adopt a model-based system engineering approach that emphasizes an integrated product design workflow.

You will learn:

This webinar will provide an overview of how Siemens has curated a solution that allows an organization to move inputs from architectural fit studies to electrical layout to mechanical models and then bring the inputs over to simulation to validate design parameters, explore additional designs that would be impossible for one engineer to consider, and then ground the data with calibrated test results. Siemens is currently the only EDA vendor to implement a fully integrated solution that will allow organizations to reap the full benefits of digital transformation on a unified toolchain ecosystem.

Meet the speakers

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Andras Vass-Varnai

Country Portfolio Development Executive

Andras Vass-Varnai obtained his MSc and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. He started his professional career at the MicReD group of Mentor Graphics as an application engineer in 2007. Andras worked for over ten years as a product manager, supporting development projects like the DynTIM or the Powertester instruments. Before starting his current role as a global business development manager at Siemens, Andras worked out of Seoul, Korea, supporting Asian business activities. He is currently working out of Chicago, IL, with a dedicated focus on the US market growth. His main topics of interest include thermal management of electric systems, advanced applications of thermal transient testing, characterization of TIM materials and reliability testing of high-power semiconductor devices.

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Garrett Wyatt

Business Sales Executive

Garrett Wyatt is a New Business Sales Executive for Siemens Digital Industries Software who works with industry-leading semiconductor companies to select the best tools and design methodologies. After working in Intel’s Advanced Design Technology and Solutions group as a research and design packaging engineer, Garrett has deep industry knowledge. During that time Garrett was responsible for designing and delivering thermal mechanical test vehicles to support the power on of market competitive integrated circuits. Garrett holds a BSE in mechanical engineering from Arizona State University and a MSE from Purdue with an emphasis in engineering design.

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