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3D shape search – How Geolus drives part re-use and provides business insight

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Estimated Watching Time: 46 minutes


3D shape search – How Geolus drives part re-use and provides business insight

In this webinar, Siemens and T-Systems present their latest advances in 3D shape search for all aspects of Product Lifecycle Management from design to process planning to procurement.

3D shape search overcomes the limitations of traditional keyword-based search. Find parts without knowing what they are called. Re-use existing parts rather than waste resources creating duplicates. Searching by shape facilitates collating business insight in exciting ways. “What are the prices of parts shaped like this?” “How did we manufacture parts shaped like this before?” There are multiple use cases for every aspect of PLM that involves 3D data.

Geolus: bringing the value of 3D shape search to software vendors and their end-users

Geolus is a 3D shape search engine that is developed by Siemens and available standalone as well as integrated with NX, Solid Edge and Teamcenter. Geolus ISV is also made available to Independent Software Vendors for embedding shape search capabilities in their own applications. T-Systems has integrated Geolus ISV to offer shape search capabilities in its PDMConnector platform for integration, migration and collaboration among Product Lifecycle Management and Enterprise Resource Planning systems. Please join us and participate in our live Q&A to discover:

  • The broad applicability and value of shape-based search, including customer use cases in the areas of design, best practice and procurement
  • How T-Systems leverages the value of Geolus for the benefit of its customers
  • Areas where your own work could benefit from this solution

The discussion will be well suited to the Siemens Digital Industries Software end-user community, as well as CxOs and Product Managers who work for independent software vendors.

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