Design for manufacturability using CompoundTek’s PDK and Siemens-Ansys photonic layout-driven design flow


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In this webinar, Siemens EDA, CompoundTek, and Ansys come together to present a streamlined PDK-driven workflow for photonic design bolstered by statistical yield analysis. The integrated flow is a key enabler for photonic integrated circuit (PDK) design allowing you to easily tackle the many rapidly advancing applications in photonics such as datacom, RF, sensing, AR/VR, automotive, and medical. The addition of statistical yield analysis allows you to simulate manufacturing variability leading to better yield, a reduced need for costly prototype iterations, reduced manufacturing risk, and ultimately improved return on investment.

Siemens and Ansys together offer a photonic flow based on the industry-standard Tanner analog/mixed-signal design environment and Ansys Lumerical’s INTERCONNECT to support the seamless integration between layout and photonic circuit simulation. Siemens’ Tanner L-Edit Photonics provides the layout capabilities, Siemens’ Calibre provides a verification platform for design rule checking, and Ansys Lumerical INTERCONNECT provides circuit-level photonic simulation.

CompoundTek’s recently released PDK v2.0 for Siemens L-Edit offers a full suite of active and passive devices with 39 new components. PDK v2.0 includes a compact model library (CML) for Ansys Lumerical INTERCONNECT that is now equipped with statistical models.

Whether you are a PDK designer or an end-product PIC designer, this webinar will provide you with a working knowledge of the Siemens, CompoundTek, Ansys flow and the required tools to get you started. The webinar begins with motivation and overview for the flow and PDK, followed by tool demonstrations of Siemens Tanner L-Edit, Siemans Calibre, and Ansys Lumerical’s INTERCONNECT. An example of photonic integrated circuit with yield analysis will be highlighted.


Meet the speakers

Photo of Alan Sherman
Siemens EDA

Alan Sherman

Photonics Product Specialist

Alan Sherman is the Photonics Product Specialist for Siemens Digital Industries Software IC Design Systems division. He has over 20 years of EDA experience in custom IC design. Alan is located in Wilsonville, Oregon, United States.
Photo of David Ngo

David Ngo

Technology and Program Manager

David is an experienced semiconductor executive with more than eight years of experience working in process integration, device engineering, technology transfer and technology development. David is currently at CompoundTek, a Silicon Photonics foundry service provider based in Singapore, working as a Technology and Program Manager. In this role, he has been spearheading the technology development and design enablement efforts as well as managing key customer program at CompoundTek. Prior to that, David held the technical lead role at a world-renowned foundry managing their Silicon Photonics technology platform. Besides Silicon Photonics, he also previously held multiple technical roles working on CMOS process technology such as BCD, mixed signal.
Photo of Leanne Dias

Leanne Dias

R&D Engineer

Leanne Dias is an R&D Engineer at Ansys Lumerical. She has a research background in photonic integrated circuit (PIC) design, and her work is focused on PIC ecosystem development. She is also involved in generating compact model libraries calibrated to foundry processes.


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