Electrifying the future of the heavy equipment industry


Electrifying the future of the heavy equipment industry

Driven by the need to lower emissions and noise, the global heavy equipment market is transitioning to hybrid, electric, or even hydrogen powertrains, impacting all parts of the supply chain.

These newly deployed technologies in the heavy equipment sector strongly impact the engineering process. Defining the right electrified machine design is complex and requires engineers to learn and increase their expertise in a new domain. The right design should also allow end-users in the construction, agricultural or mining field to reach usual performance levels - or beyond - while ensuring the machine complies with stricter standards for noise and gas emissions.

In this webinar, Gaétan Bouzard – Simcenter Heavy Equipment lead – explains how developing digital twins can virtually assess the performance of systems like battery, motor and power electronics independently or once integrated into the complete machine.

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