Deliver products at competitive costs and reduced carbon footprint

Better environmental performance, lower costs, and greater customer value

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With increasing pressure from regulatory bodies as well as customers, manufacturers across industries need to shift toward more sustainable methods of production. By acting early in the development process, companies have a window of opportunity to not only reduce material- and production-related CO2e emissions but also save product costs and address tightened profit margins. Further, companies still must shorten their response times in the quotation process, achieve consistent pricing, and position themselves optimally for price defense.

Uncover opportunities for cost and CO2e footprint reduction across the value chain

The CO2e effect of each product can be understood by drawing on raw-/recycled material analysis, process steps, tools, devices, and logistics, alongside the parts price and investment effort. To decide on the right cost and CO2e levers to pursue, the saving potential of carbon reduction needs to be factored in to enable fact-based decision making. Including the carbon taxes into the calculation helps to determine holistically if a product cost reduction that causes an increase of carbon—or a carbon decrease that causes an increase in product cost—is the right thing to do. To maximize the value of the cost and carbon footprint calculations, companies can use the benchmark data on CO2e emissions we provide, to compare their current approaches against the best available to identify the biggest improvement opportunities.

Easily calculate sales prices based on product cost calculations

Winning global and profitable quotation processes relies on consistent product cost calculations for pricing. Sales teams often need to create copies of product cost calculations or export cost breakdown into spreadsheets. While cost estimators continue to make changes on product costs after the copies have been created or cost breakdowns have been exported. Hence it becomes cumbersome to keep costing and pricing synchronized. Failure to react on cost changes often leads to loss of profit for companies. With the Pricing Calculator for Quotations sales teams can easily create a pricing calculation based on an existing costing calculation and automatically provide updates.

Optimizing product cost quotations and securing profits from contracts

Companies can define increase and decrease rates specific to their business to understand multi-year product cost trends for materials and buy parts based on specific material classifications like electronic components, plastics, or steel materials.

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Siemens Digital Industries Software

John Monica

America Zone Portfolio Development Executive for Teamcenter Product Cost Management

John Monica is the America Zone Portfolio Development Executive for Teamcenter Product Cost Management with Siemens Digital Industries Software.

In this role, he works across multiple industries to provide both OEMs and suppliers with a software solution aligned to meet their product cost management needs.
John has over 30 years experience in various manufacturing industries and has a background in product and tool cost management, large assembly / vehicle cost roll-up, organization transformation, and operational improvement.

Prior to joining Siemens in 2015, John held positions with several consulting organizations performing work for clients in the global automotive and aerospace / defense industries. He spent 5 years with a major automotive OEM at which he led the development and implementation of a cost estimation including the establishment of a Cost Engineering organization.

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Eduardo Salva

EMEA Zone Portfolio Development Executive for Teamcenter Product Cost Management

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Mehmet Kilic

PreSales Business Development Consultant

Mehmet Kilic hat langjährige Erfahrung im industriellen Cost Management und ist verantwortlich für kundenspezifische Anwendungsfälle für Kalkulation und Nachhaltigkeit des Siemens Cost Managements Portfolios.

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