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Digitální výroba vám může pomoci odhalit výrobní potenciál


Digitální výroba vám může pomoci odhalit výrobní potenciál

Over 50% machine shops today use standalone CAD and CAM software and fewer than 30% manage and control their manufacturing data. Implementing a model-driven process using a unified software can enable machine shops, like yours, to run a more efficient operation.

Do you strive to increase throughput, improve product quality, and overcome the complexities in the manufacturing process while expanding your business?

Watch this webinar to see how the digital machine shop will help you achieve these powerful advantages:

- Reduce lead time using automated model-driven processes
- Increase manufacturing efficiency by using new technologies, including 3D printing
- Deliver jobs to plan with seamless information flow from engineering to the shop floor

Register today to learn how to maximize your operational performance with the integrated NX CAD/CAM/CMM software from Siemens.