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On Time, On Budget: Coping with Engineering Project Complexity


On Time, On Budget: Coping with Engineering Project Complexity

Engineering projects large and small are combinations of inspiration, creativity and hard work. Managing projects to successful completion can be difficult when projects are complex, involve new technologies or have difficult performance and time-to-market targets. From R&D to design, manufacturing, marketing and sales, individual systems may perform well, yet still not create a desirable outcome. Winning engineering programs are smart, integrated and use modern tools to track, measure and feed actionable information back into robust systems.

PLM is essential to manage engineering project complexity

This webinar shows engineering professionals how modern engineering project management techniques and technology can keep complex programs on track and on budget. Topics covered include:

  • Defining project complexity: What key attributes must be monitored?
  • Finding the single source of truth: Importance of a unified vision and concise communication inside and between teams
  • Thinking about risk: Building systems to understand risk, and minimize it
  • How modern software is essential: Taming complexity with sensible use of robust platforms
  • Pulling it all together: Combining modern software with modern engineering management to build smooth running systems